Bidrag 2:

Messenger Group Chat - av Bliztex Crafts

Følgende meldinger i en gruppesamtale ble rapportert og levert til politiet i Trondheim etter at utvekslingsstudenten Robin Weber fra Tyskland ikke møtte til planlagt møte med kollokviegruppen samme dag den 26. oktober 2019. Venner og familie har blitt kontaktet. Personen er meldt savnet.

Guys, I’m so sorry about being late, I’m still in bed but I’ll be at Gløshaugen in about 30 minutes! I think I have a mild fever so I’m not sure how long I will stay today. I suppose we’ll only work on chapter 8 and 9 today anyways? See you soon!
Btw, I hope you’ve dressed warmly cause it’s supposed to be a light cold breeze today, so stay warm! @everyone

Wow the stairway is trashed! I feel bad for missing out on the party last night (and for those who have to clean this up), did you go @Josh? You could’ve woken me up at least...
Going to stop by the store on my way to school, my bread and milk has gone bad overnight apparently?
Do you guys want anything?

Huh... The store is closed, didn’t you tell me that Bunnpris was open every day except on Sundays? @Sarah
Well I just proved you wrong 😉

OK I’m at the library now but I don’t see any of you. Did you go to another room perhaps? So where shall I meet you? Hey, any of you got any painkillers by chance? My head is killing me, this damn flu...

How come none of you are responding? I’m sure it’s Saturday today… right?
Also, there are literally NO ONE HERE! Where is all the people?!
The floors are dirty as hell, do the cleaners have days off on the weekends or something?
I assume someone went on a rampage breaking some of the windows in the Main Building. WTF?

I feel so stupid, just re-read your message from yesterday @Erik…
So, I guess I’ll meet you at the library in TOWN instead of Gløshaugen, haha.
Will hop on the bike right away, be right there after I’ve found a good route on Google maps!
Also, I’m so grateful for borrowing your bike @Josh, thanks again!

Ugh, it’s so cold and windy outside, I bet it’s only minus 5 degrees. It was supposed to be at least ten degrees hotter today…
It seems that the roads are a bit slippery, so I’ll go slowly and through Bakklandet since you guys recommended me to take a stroll there anyways.
Just start without me, I’ll catch up!

Hmm, I think I might have taken a wrong turn trying to enter the road to Bakklandet.
Though I’m sure I was on the right path, there are just more houses where my turnoff should be… Weird but OK, guess I’m not used to the city layout yet. (Hint hint @Sarah, you know you promised to show me around town)
I’ll go straight to Elgeseter bridge instead, atleast I know where that is.

It’s starting to snow and it’s getting hard to see where I’m going so I’ll walk beside my bike. This umbrella isn’t doing shit when it’s this windy.
Aaand the umbrella just broke, great!
You know what, fuck it. I’ll leave the bike by Studentersamfundet, so you can go get it here @Josh. Just going to take the bus a couple of stops and walk from Prinsen krysset instead.

Sorry for being so agressive, the weather combined with my flu is starting to get on my nerves.
Anyways, the bus never showed up, so I just started walking. I’m by Nidarosdomen at the moment, it looks sort of ominous in this weather haha. I’ll take a picture and show you guys!
I just remembered that I left my gloves by the bike…
Man, really looking forward to getting warmed up inside with a hot cup of cocoa.

This weather is awful, now it’s snowing even more and can barely see a few meters in front of me!
The door to the cafè and gift shop by Nidarosdomen was open, so I went inside to wait out the worst of it in here. I was going to buy a new umbrella since I threw away my broken one, but there are no one here and all the souvenirs are gone too.
Almost like it’s been abandoned. Unsettling, right?
It makes no sense
We were here just last weekend, weren’t we @Erik?
It couldn’t have been shut down in just a few days, could it?

I think I’m actually getting a bit scared here.
The calls aren’t getting through to anyone, I even tried phoning my mom and dad back home.
Calls to any of the emergency numbers aren’t working either.
It seems like these messages are getting through though, at least the app says so, but none of my regular text or calls are.
Ugh, nothing else is working, fuck this fucking phone.
Oh, just great. GREAT!
Now the fucking screen is frozen.
I can only write to you guys now apparently, and I really hope you are reading this.
Would be nice if ANY OF YOU COULD ANSWER
I’m just too sick and exhausted for this, can’t even think clearly.

Going home, see you all tomorrow.

I’m standing right next to where Elgeseter bridge SHOULD have been.

I don’t know what to do.
There is no traffic, no people, no cars, no nothing!
I am so confused, what the hell is happening?!

Started walking the other way, past Nidarosdomen, to the east I think and I am now standing under a roof.
It’s definitely getting colder.
My fingers are so damn cold, I’m freezing my ass off.
Can’t even use google maps to see if I’m going the correct way.
Not sure if it’s the weather making everything blurry and me being sick, but I’m sure that every building is trashed and abandoned.
When I think about it, I saw absolutely no one, neither person nor car on my whole way here.
No one at the campus or by the roads.
I must find somebody
There must be someone out here, right?
Must keep moving
Will text you soon

Made it to the bridge to Bakklandet somehow, but
Something isn’t right
The bridge is there all right
There is no water beneath it though
It’s just
Too far down
It’s so damn dark down there and I can’t see the bottom at all
Bridge is so rusty and squeaky, scared to cross
Come and meet me!
You know where I am!

Came to library since neither of you answered and nobody showed up, but it’s fucking closed?
So cold
Hurts to breathe
Where are you?!
Please just answer me for fucks sake!

Went back to bridge, but it’s completely broken
No way across now

I’m trapped!!
There is nowhere to go
It’s all blocked off!
No use to seek shelter, just as cold inside as outside
If only I could light a fire somehow

I’m so
and cold

Too cold
Won’t make it
Tell mom and dad
I love them

Can you hear that