Torucon 2017: Sword & Sorcery

We would like to welcome you all to Torucon 2017: Sword & Sorcery, 12th-13th of August!

This year’s Torucon is once again hosted at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, and this year’s theme is Sword & Sorcery!

Our websites are currently being updated with new information on this year’s contests, activities, panels and guests as we speak. You may also follow us on Facebook to get the freshest news as soon as we announce them.

We welcome all costume enthusiasts, nerds and creative souls, big and small to this year’s biggest happening!

  • Judge: Sara from Sara & While’s Costumes!

    When one of our judges in The Great Torucon Prop-Off had to cancel due to unforeseen cirumstances, we were naturally very sad.
    But luckily, the fantastic Sara, from Sara & While's Costumes stepped up at the last minute to fill the position as a judge together with Obsessive Creative Disorder!

    Sara is a part of the cosplay-duo Sara & While, and first started cosplaying in 2012/13. Her attention to details and screen accuracy usually means that no project is finished in less than a year. She's usually also working on at least 3 projects at once - preferably something that involves several different materials as well as learning new ways to create things. Sara has no favourite material, but has experience with fabric, leather, worbla, scale- and chainmaille. Her wardrobe includes Rocket Raccoon, USO girl alongside her Captain America (While), Eleanor Guthrie from Black Sails and Fionna from Adventure Time.

    We are looking forward to having Sara as a guest!

  • Game Developers at Torucon!

    Torucon's Arcade has had a tradition over the last few years to have Norwegian game developers visiting, to show off what they are currently working on, and this year's convention is no exception. Stop by the Arcade in Space to look at, talk about and not least; try out new Norwegian games!

    Several of the developers will also be appearing in the panel "Game Development from A to Z - Showcase and AMA" in Cosmos C, Saturday at 14:00.

    This year, Spillmakerlauget will pay us a visit to talk about amongst other things, Norwegian gaming industry and gamejams.

    Additionally, we will be seeing these game developers:
    - Age of Space, Lindås IT
    - Ludicum Studio
    - Gribb Games
    - Earthling Dev Team

  • Torucon Gameshow!

    Norway is best in the world. At everything. Right?
    At this year's Torucon we intend to find out if this is true. And the best way to confirm this myth is of course to have 3 Norwegian cosplayers competing against 3 international cosplayers.
    They will be competing in a competition with the funniest, weirdest and stupidest tasks possible! At least it will be fun for those of us watching!

    The contestants will have to show knowledge, creativity, innovation and not least: the will to fight down to their last man (or woman, or person of any gender. Torucon is open for everyone) in order to claim their victory.
    Who will claim glory and honor in the name of their country? Who will have to live in shame until next year? Will it be Team Norway or Team International?
    Come to the Main Stage on Saturday at 16:00 to witness the epic battle!


    But first, let us introduce this year's contestants:


    Team Norway

    We meet Team Norway in a cabin in the deep mountains, or by a fjord, whichever sounds the most Norwegian. They are sitting there, surrounded by Kvikklunsj, skis, woolen sweaters and oil money. Christina Erring, Elisabeth Erring and Eirik Lie Reiersen. Norway's only hopes to get through this trial with our honor intact.
    They all know that it's typical Norwegian to be very good. And they intend to continue to be so.

    "What do you want to say to Team International?" we ask. "Preferrably in English, so we are sure they will understand."  - we interject before they are able to say anything.
    The Erring sisters look at each other for a short moment. It is almost as if they are communicating withot words. We watch them, fascinated.
    Christina then turns towards us and looks straight in the eyes. "Tell them," she starts, "You might have skills and talent, but we have TWO Errings."
    Elisabeth stands next to her sister, nodding in confirmation.
    We can feel the goose bumps creeping up on our skin. The thought of competing against both sisters at once.... It's terrifying.
    Eirik also stands up, cocktailglass in hand. He smiles towards us, charming, but with that type of charm that leaves a dagger in your back.
    "Tell them," he begins, "I want to wish you good luck. Because that's the only way you have a chance to win."
    Cold shivers run down our spines.
    As we turn to set off to meet Team International we can hear them behind us: “Two danes and a swede went into a bar to drown their sorrows after losing a Game Show, but they couldn’t afford the drinks…” The rest of the sentence is drowned out by real, Nowegian laughter. Oil money is slowly falling from the sky as we move towards the great abroad.


    Team International

    The first stop on our journey to greet Team International is Sweden. We are surrounded by mid-summer poles, meatballs everywhere, as ABBA is being played on every single radio channel. This is where we are supposed to meet Peter Sörensen, this year's Swedish contestant for Team International.
    Peter welcomes us to his house. A beautiful place, if not....strange. We are uncertain whether we can hear silenced screams in the distance, or if it's just more ABBA. The scent of chemicals and the sounds of electric whirring are impossible to misunderstand.
    "So, uuh....Have you thought of a greeting for Team Norway?" we ask.
    Peter turns around, smiling disarmingly. "Yees, I have" he replies (in Swedish), and we relax a little more. "With the power of science at my call, no one is safe." he says, and the smile twists into something...else.
    We slowly back towards the door. 

    After this, we set the course on Denmark, to meet our two last contestants for Team International.
    Denmark is known for being flat. It's flatter than flat. Read sausages and pints of ale appear everywhere. We struggle a little to find our way, as the Danes are incapable of speaking any understandable languages, and we are stuck trying to guess what it is they are trying to tell us.
    After a while however, we find them. Another pair of siblings. Baldrian Kjær-Thomsen and Fabian Kjær-Thomsen.

    They greet us happily, at least we think so. Like we said they are impossible to understand, so we switch to English.
    "Have you thought of a greeting for Team Norway?" we ask.
    Baldrain look at us. He smiles crookedly, and says: “Hello trolls from the far, far north. The southern isles sends their regards.”
    We swallow, thinking of what happened the last time someone "sendt their regards". Fabian turns towards us. The smile fades from his eyes as he says:  “WE SHALL FEAST ON THE BLOOD AND BONES OF THE FALLEN NORWEGIANS AS WE DANCE IN A FOUNTAIN OF THEIR BLOODY REMAINS!”
    The smile returns to his eyes, and he adds: “Also, we accept cake as a holy sacrifice to ease our rage of victory.”
    Nodding, we thank the high heavens that our flight back home is not too far off.

    Time: Saturday, 16.00

    Place: Main stage, Cosmos




    Foto:  Erring-søstrene: Privat, Eirik: Torygan Photography, Peter: Privat, Baldrian: Mike Mørch, Fabian: Privat

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