Torucon 2017: Sword & Sorcery

We would like to welcome you all to Torucon 2017: Sword & Sorcery, 12th-13th of August!

This year’s Torucon is once again hosted at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, and this year’s theme is Sword & Sorcery!

Our websites are currently being updated with new information on this year’s contests, activities, panels and guests as we speak. You may also follow us on Facebook to get the freshest news as soon as we announce them.

We welcome all costume enthusiasts, nerds and creative souls, big and small to this year’s biggest happening!

We're looking for awesome people to help us make yet another fantastic Torucon!

  • Art stands at Torucon!

    As always, Torucon will have an artists' alley, where various talented and creative souls will be selling hand-made artworks and creations to our guests. In this article we will be presenting this year's art stands, and a little about what they are all selling.
    You can find the artists' alley in Cosmos, and we'd recommend everyone to come by and have a look at what they have to offer!

    The article will be updated as we get new information about the remaining stands.



    YHASYME sells chokers made from velvet and imitation leather, as well as clothing designed and produced by themselves.

    Follow these links to read more about YHASYME's projects and products:





    Instagram shop



    Ravn Cotino Creations

    Ravn sells accessories and jewellry inspired by fantasy and fairy tales, such as wands, crystals, skulls and the like. The materials used are resin, metal, glass, wood and stone!

    Follow the links to see more of Ravn's creations and projects:




    Elegant Rarity & Bliztex Crafts


    We both have facebook pages where we put up pages of our creations. Please come by to see what we have to offer. You also have the possibility of ordering a product in advance and having it delivered at Torucon! At our art stand at Torucon this year we will be showing off the different street styles of Asia, Japan in particular.
    We have several products aimed for styles such as Lolita fashion, decora, fairy key etc. Amongst the products we have to offer you can find hair bows, decoration bows, jewellry (chokers, necklaces), hand jewellery (bracelets, rings), garments (dresses, corsets, scarves) and miscellaneous (key chains, oven mitts) and more!
    See you at Torucon!

    Follow the links to see more from Elegant Rarity  and Bliztexcrafts:

    Elegant Rarity Facebook
    Bliztexcraft Facebook



    Dukkehuset (the Doll House) sell and inform about ball jointed dolls (BJD) and similar dolls, as well as clothes, shoes and accessories for the dolls.

    Read more about  Dukkehuset and BJDs:


    Emeraldus og Kessi


    We are 2 artists named Elisabeth (Emeraldus) and Kasandra (Kessi). We draw both fanart and original concepts. The fanarts we draw are from various video games, cartoons and anime.
    We sell art woks we've printed to various products such as posters and postcards, mouse pads, buttons and charms.
    This time we will also be bringing posters on sale!
    Feel free to follow our sites to get a preview of what we're making for Torucon!















    We sell artworks, both fanart and original pieces. Our art comes in the form of prints, stickers, keychains and buttons.

    To see more of Em&Eric's products and artworks, follow the links:





    Überpress is a Norwegian publishing agency specializing in Norwegian comicbooks, covering genres such as action, horror, sci-fi and adventure!
    We've been at it since 2012 and our main release is the anthology called "ÜBER", which has two releases annually.
    It's superior!

    Read and see more about Überpress at the sites below:




    Art by Camilla Dahlstrøm

    Hi! My name is Camilla, and I will be selling prints of my drawings at Torucon for the 3rd year in a row! The motifs will be both fanart and other fantasy-inspired pieces, and I will also be selling my comic book, "Core"!
    During the convention I will also be taking cheap commissions, where I'll sketch up and colour your character of choice, using water colours. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    To see more of Camilla's drawings, click the links below:






    Ocarinus sells both original artworks and fanart from various games, series and movies. At Torucon you will be able to buy digital and traditional prints, stickers, and other small items.

    See more of Ocarinus' art at the links below:






    Pictures and text:
    YHASYME, Ravn Cotino, Bliztexcrafts, Elegant Rarity, Dukkehuset, Emeraldus, Kessi, Em&Eric, Überpress, Camilla Dahlstrøm, Ocarinus

    Translations from Norwegian by Torucon


  • Hotel and surroundings

    This year’s Torucon is held at the spectacular Clarion Hotel & Congress at Brattøra, a wonderful, spacious venue with numerous rooms for panels- and activities, a lounge for chilling and mingling and access via our very own entrance! The entire congress area is on one level, making it easily accessible for wheelchair-users. Clarion is located … read more

  • Torucon in the People’s parade 2016

    Tuesday May 17th started out with what seemed like typical Trondheim-weather; grey, cold and slightly wet, but that was no hindrance to the cosplayers of Trondheim when it came to meeting up next to the Nidaros Cathedral in order to participate in what has become a popular tradition here in Trondheim: Torucon’s attendance in the … read more