Torucon 2017: Sword & Sorcery

We would like to welcome you all to Torucon 2017: Sword & Sorcery, 12th-13th of August!

This year’s Torucon is once again hosted at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, and this year’s theme is Sword & Sorcery!

Our websites are currently being updated with new information on this year’s contests, activities, panels and guests as we speak. You may also follow us on Facebook to get the freshest news as soon as we announce them.

We welcome all costume enthusiasts, nerds and creative souls, big and small to this year’s biggest happening!

  • Registration forms now open!

    We have FINALLY opened the registration forms for all our competitions! We are truly sorry that it took so long, and would like to thank you for your continued patience.
    We have created an entirely fresh registration system this year, which means you will have to register a new user in order to sign up for competitions, even if you already have a Torucon-user from before.

    We would like to remind you to take the time to THOROUGLY read through the guidelines and rules for the competitions before signing up, particularly in the Cosplay & Craftmanship competition, where you need to select which category you would like to enter in.

    Information and registration for the Cosplay & Craftmanship Competition

    Information and registration for the FMV Contest  (New deadline for submission: July 20th!)

    Information and registration for The Great Torucon Prop-Off

    Information and registration for the Open Mic

    All competitions with the exception of the FMV Contest are open for registration until August 1st, or until all the slots have been filled.

    On your profile page you can see your competition registrations, and withdraw from competitions. At present, it is not possible to edit forms after they have been submitted, which means you will have to delete your registration and re-submit it if you need to change something.
    As this is a brand new system, some bugs may occur with the forms, particularly when used on mobile devices. If you encounter a problem with your registration, please let us know.

  • The Great Torucon Prop-off!

    Have you ever made some incredibly fancy props for a costume? Have you ever started to work on a costume without completing it? Or perhaps you have a really cool piece of armor you would like to showcase? In that case, we have just the thing for you!
    For the first time ever, we will attempt to host an exhibition of props, helmets, costume parts, replica weapons and the like! And we would like YOU to showcase one of your own creations!
    This is a fantastic chance to show off your craftsmanship! There might even be a prize or two waiting to be awarded to some creative souls.

    About the contest:

    In order to participate in this competition, you need to have built a prop, armor-piece (for example a helmet, gauntlet, shoulder guard etc.), replica weapon or the like. You need to bring it with you to Torucon, and be willing to leave it at the exhibition all of Sunday the 13th of August. You don’t need to watch over it yourself all day, as we will have crew present to keep an eye on the exhibition.

    We have a designated room for the exhibition, and we can provide tables for you to place your exhibition piece on. If you would like to support your item with a fancy stand, you will have to provide the stand yourself.
    We would also like you to write a short informational text about your creation, which we will print out and place next to your prop/armor-piece/etc.

    There will be judges present, who will be examining the exhibition between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm. In this time frame we request that you, as the creator, are present to answer any potential questions the judges may have, and show off any potential cool functions that your exhibition piece holds.
    During the rest of the day, the exhibition will be open to Torucon’s general guests, so they can stop by the exhibition to admire all your cool creations!

    1st Prize: 2000 NOK
    In addition to the grand prize, we have some spare prizes to those deserving of some extra attention for skilled handicrafts and creative solutions!


    Practical information regarding the contest:

    • The item you choose to exhibit must be self-made. You may submit a piece that several people have cooperated on, but be aware that this means you will have to share any prizes between yourselves.
    • It is not required for you to be present at all times to watch over your creation, as we have a designated crew to keep watch over the exhibition.
    • You HAVE to be present in the time slot of 11:00 am  to 12 pm, so the judges can ask you any potential questions.
    • The exhibition will take place on Sunday 13th of August.
    • As the exhibitor, we ask that you show up with the item you wish to display between 19:00-20:00 on Saturday 12th of August, or on the morning of August 13th, between 09:00-10:45.
    • The judges would like to talk to the exhibitors in the time frame of 11:00-12:00, and otherwise, the exhibition will be open to the public until 18:00 o’clock.
    • As the exhibitor, it is your own responsibility to pick up your item and take it back home. The displayed item must be collected between 18:00-19:00. In the event that you need to leave at an earlier time, it is possible to pick up your item before the designated time, just make sure to notify us of this when you sign up.
    • You may sign up a maximum of TWO props to the competition.


    Time: Sunday 12:00-18:00
    Space 2

    To register for the competition, please fill out the registration form. HERE. 
    Deadline to sign up: August 1st, 23:59

    Note: There might still be some bugs in the form, particularly for mobile devices. If you encounter a problem, please let us know.
    You will need to register a new user in order to sign up for this year’s competitions.
    On your profile page, you will be able to see your registrations and withdraw from competitions.

  • Judge: Ardent Cosplay!

    Meet our first judge in this year's Cosplay & Craftmanship Competition!

    Dom, or Ardent Cosplay is a cosplayer, propbuilder and photographer from the UK who has been cosplaying since 2013. During this time, he has judged numerous competitions, appeared on national television and worked with companies including HBO, Sky TV and Square Enix. He's best known for Commander Cullen (Dragon Age), Ser Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones) and the ten-foot articulated wings of Castiel (Supernatural), and has experience with a wide range of techniques such as foam and thermoplastic armour making, fine tailoring, fibreglassing, animatronics, metal, casting and leatherwork.

    PhotoCatberry Photography

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